Venom: Let There be Carnage!

Αchilleus ⚡️
4 min readNov 24, 2021

Venom has returned or I should say Eddie Brock, and they are at it as usual. Eddie now gets to fully meet Cletus Kasady, a famous well known serial killer who is currently in prison, and soon to be executed. As they interact something happens between them, and Kasady gets the child of Venom. Carnage is born! Venom has a couple of children in the comics, Carnage happens to be one of them, a very deadly symbiote. A serial killer and a deadly bloodthirsty symbiote are about to wreck the world unless our beloved somewhat heroes stop them. Like all partnerships they have difficulties, and Eddie is not only trying to protect himself but also Venom by giving him “civilized” rules which will test their bound and might.

Tom Hardy is back as Venom, Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady, Michelle Williams, and Naomie Harris.

The story continues a couple of months after the first Venom film, with our boys trying to get along with each other. Eddie has set up rules for Venom to follow, which one of them is not allowed to eat humans, but the point is to protect them both from the Government sending them to “Area 51”. Kasady wants to share his side of the story, and who best than Eddie, a somewhat popular reporter. As Eddie gets to know Kasady, the more Eddie figures things out, and the worse it becomes for Kasady to a point of execution. A few

moments before death, Kasady asked to see Eddie one last time, and this will be the place of the birth of Carnage. Somewhere along the lines, Venom gives birth to Carnage without notice, and at that moment Kasady becomes its host. Let there be Carnage is unleashed on the world, or more like San Fransisco, while Carnage and Cletus are in a destructive frenzy all over town. Venom and Eddie are having issues with each other, Venom wants to accomplish great things, but Eddie, as Venom puts it, Eddie is been a bit of a loser. Unfortunately for them, the word gets out and now our heroes must unite and put aside their differences to stop Carnage once and for all. The fight between Venom and Carnage was fantastic. The love and hate relationship between Eddie and Venom is hilarious, the way they pick on each other, and how they react with each other is very creative. Of course, our heroes will rise and win, but the life of a hero comes with consequences, and the fact that Venom is an alien doesn’t help which will leave our heroes on the run.

Venom let there be Carnage was good, was not the best yet was different from the first one. Something about Sony making movies, and the fact that they have not only Marvel’s name attached to it but also its heroes it doesn’t live up to the name. Sony has not made an awesome Marvel film in years, they have all been either great or terrible, unlike Marvel Studios who is pulling these

amazing films. It’s hard to blame someone because you never know who has the last word, either the director or the studio. Especially with these films, that bring excellent actors and directors. Tom Hardy is one of the best actors of this generation, and then you have a creative mind like Andy Serkis who is one of the greatest, it truly makes you wonder. The Story was good, I truly loved the relationship between Eddie and Venom. The action was short but yet the fight between Venom and Carnage was fun. The extra ending on other hand was shocking and without giving any spoilers next time we see Venom is going to be amazing!

Overall, Let there be Carnage was a good film, back up with a good story and action. Great cast, I love everything that Tom Hardy does with each film. Yet I don’t think I would recommend it seen on the big screen, I would wait until you can rent it. With that being said, without ignoring the extra ending, I cannot wait to see what’s in store in the future for Venom!