Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep

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3 min readFeb 11, 2020


The sequel to the Shining, even though the Shining was released almost forty years ago, the story continues with one of the main characters of that story. Danny or as we remember him as Doc, hint the title of the film, and his story continues after surviving the Hotel. We get to see what happened after and the toll that will shape the person he becomes. This story gives us more of a larger view of what Dick called it “The Shining”, the magical power that allowed him to see the dead but also does other things, which we get to see the limits of that power thanks to the new main character Abra.

The cast was amazing! Ewan McGregor is a brilliant actor mostly known for playing Obi-Wan Kenobi, this time he portrays as Danny Torrance all grown up. All heroes need their villain and Rebecca Ferguson does an incredible job playing such a villain. Bruce Greenwood and Cliff Curtis great actors. A lot

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of actors and actresses have substituted the characters since the original film was released in 1980 and surprisingly did not use CGI with some of the actors to repress their role in this film. Carl Lumbly portrayed Dick Hallorann, who was previously played by Scatman Crothers in the Shinning. At last, Kyleigh Curran as Abra Stone, who is an awesome character!

The story is completely different from its prequel. The shining focused more on our main characters, and only them in the Hotel, Doctor Sleep opens up a whole new world! The story gives us a bit of background on all the characters, and what their flaws and their strengths are. Our main hero hasn’t fallen too far from the tree, he carries some of the same weakness as his father, but like

all heroes, he overcomes them and saves the day! The villains lead by Rebecca Ferguson shows us a different side of evil and their power, the Shinning, and when I mean a different side of evil is because you will see a familiar evil show up throughout the film as Danny is still hunted by the past. The story isn’t technically surrounding our main hero, but a different stronger hero who will need the help of Danny to defeat the villains of this story.

The story was crazy good, seen what would happen to a kid that had to deal with something horrific as he did in “The Shining”, and seen how he turnout made it a very interesting sequel. The film truly left me wanting to read both books, we all know movies will never do the books justice, but I am very curious to see how much justice it did. It also left me wanting to want to learn more about “The Shining”, the magic, the power, its limits, and history. The villains made the film even more interesting because they showed us a different way of “The Shining”, a very unusual way that I would have never expected from the story. The chemistry of every actor was a point. I truly enjoyed the film as much I enjoyed “The Shining” unpredictably crazy amazing!

Overall, you have to go see the film, of course, make sure to watch “The Shining” before seen this film, they are so far apart but yet the share so many elements that you need to know about. The Story, the actors, the whole film overall was unpredictably astonishing!