No Time to Die!

Αchilleus ⚡️
4 min readNov 8, 2021


Bond has returned to save the world. At the end of Spectre, James had chosen to retire with the love of his life, but it seems like they both can not get away from their past. Their past is intertwined in such a way, that they were both meant to be together. The sins of the father will hunt Madeleine, and for James, his enemies have not forgotten him. I have always wondered if trouble always finds our hero or our hero will always deep down seek for it. James will deal with old and new enemies, with the help of some old and new friends on his last mission.

Daniel Craig has returned to play Bond one last time. Lea Seydoux plays the wonderful Madeline, Lashana Lynch the new 007, Naomi Harris as Miss Moneypenny, and Ben Whishaw as Q. Ralph Fiennes as M, Jeffery Wright as Felix, and our main villain Rami Malak as Safin.

The Story starts with an old memory of Madeleine when she was a young girl and a man had come to kill her father. Sins of the past have returned, not just for her but also for James. Spectre is still active and they have not forgotten James. Even though James had retired it seems like betrayal still follows him,

which will lead him to hide out in Jamaica. An old friend finds him there, and that is when James will embargo on his last mission. Making new friends in Cuba, leading him back home to London. James gets to meet his replacement, the new 007, who may be more dangerous than Bond. The story is intertwined between MI6, Spectre, and a common enemy that will unleash hell upon humanity. Madeleine just happens to be smacked between all of it, the sins of her father have returned as a new enemy to the entire world. Of course, Bond is not going to sit this one out, he will do what he does best, save Madeleine and stop this new villain.

Is hard to choose which is the best film between Skyfall, Spectre, and No Time to Die. They were all unique, each with a different story and yet all connected by these wonderful characters of heroes and villains. No Time to Die is truly an amazing film, the action was splendid. The story was so rich and beautiful, that it almost made me cry at the end. The film left me with joy and at the

same time heartbroken, Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond, and in my opinion the best Bond yet. I spend the past 15 years watching these films on the big screen, and I have loved every single one. Sean Connery will always be the perfect Bond, but Daniel is right behind him, with his sarcastic charisma and strength. No Time to Die had a very interesting story because it was all connected with the characters in such a unique way. A new villain has emerged that will threaten the entire world and challenge the best of MI6.

Goodbyes are hard, I wish this were not his last film, but the time has come for Daniel. Like I have stated before, he is and always will be my favorite Bond. I can not even wrap my mind around this film because it was the perfect goodbye, and the film was flawless! All the actors were perfectly cast, the story was excellently written, and the action was brilliant. No Time to Die will be up there with the likes of Skyfall and Specter. I can not wait to see it again and own it, so I highly recommend you to watch it on the big screen. Goodbye, Mr. Bond!