Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

Αchilleus ⚡️
7 min readJul 14, 2021

New World Order.

A great first episode of the season! As always, Marvel kicks it off with a bang, seen our heroes in full-on action. As we see old familiar faces and a whole lot of new ones. I love the fact that it did not kick off the story the traditional way, where we have the good facing the bad. Instead, they started by showings us what heroes have to deal with daily, after all, their sacrifices do have impacts

that eventually will have to be answered. Of course, Marvel as always never letting us off the chain, with a glimpse of what our heroes will have to face! Getting to learn more about Sam’s life, and how Bucky is personally dealing with the mistakes of his past. One of the things that I enjoy about Marvel is that they never let anything fly, not a single detail in the story, and how each story affects the past and future of the Marvel Universe. Great way to kick of the season, and I can not wait for next Friday!

The Star-Spangled Man.

After the big reveal of the new Captain America, it will set off some tension between Bucky and Sam. After all, it was given to Sam by Steve for a reason. In a big personal way, Bucky did not like the idea of this new Captain America and the fact that Sam just gave it up so easily. Luckily this tension will be taken out on some serious bad guys. If in fact, they are the bad guys, as we are slowly getting to know who they are, and what they stand for. A lot of things

happened during the years after the snap that we are not too aware of just yet! Marvel is slowly letting us know how the world operated during those harsh years, as we are also witnessing the effects of End Game. I’m just loving the tension and humor between Sam and Bucky. It kind of reminds me of the type of relationship Martin and Roger, from Lethal Weapon Series, that annoying brotherly love. There is also something fishy about this new Captain America, and I guess we will have to wait until another week for more on the Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

Power Broker.

Zemo is back in a very interesting way! We get to learn more about him, mostly about before Ultron, not speaking about his family, but about his lineage. Zemo is the key to figuring the clues to revealing the bad guys, so-called Flag Smashers if they are truly the bad guys! There will always be the bad guys along as you are the good guys, but what if they are the good guys? Even though we are in the third episode, knowing how Marvel Universe operates, it is too soon to make any type of judgment. Sharon is back, and she can seriously kick-ass, and seems like Sharon has been going through some hard times since Civil War. Sharon is badass, but she is also hiding something. Again, we on episode three as we are speaking, and nothing is left unchecked

when it comes to Marvel characters. I love how the story progresses because it’s not just about good against evil, but also ideals and how they are shaping every single person that we have had contact with since episode 1. Sam and Bucky are dealing with some issues, and as the story continues, we get to see how their issues are developing not just between each other, but very deep personal issues. The last episode did shake Sam’s foundations, and this will pay tribute to what will come. Bucky, on the other hand, is on a path that may lead towards the comics in a big way. I’m truly loving the story, and god knows the action is just amazing as well, and boy I can not wait for Friday, again!

The Whole World is Watching.

That was one hell of a packed action episode, this is what we have been waiting for, eventually, we will have an incredibly intense action coming up because things are boiling up! With a surprise visit from Wakanda, that brought a hell of a punch, that showed us a lot of things that not even I was expecting. We got to learn a lot from this episode about our characters, from Bucky days in Wakanda to the things John Walker had done in the past. Speaking of the new Captain America, I knew something was up with him, he is hiding something, it could be the amount of pressure of carrying that shield. Boy, is he boiling up, and he got his hands on something that could

make him great, or dangerously bad. Well, after that last scene, if I was Bucky, I would be full-on steam getting that shield back! Well, I have been feeling that way since episode two. Sam or Bucky are going to have to fight back for it, one way or another, and things are pointing in that direction after today. Karli, the leader of Flag Smashers, showed us what she is capable of, but at the moment it is still too early to decided which side she is on. Karli could be on her side, it would not be the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after all, she has also shown us multiple sides that anyone can easily misjudge her for it. The story was fantastic without a doubt, Zemo did his thing, well everyone did their thing, and when you add it all up it leads to one hell of an episode!


This episode was special, there was no action, and what makes this episode special is its origin time! I’m not talking about a single person, but multiple people here. Things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are about to get interesting, this new era of heroes and villains is going to be amazing! It was hard to hold my excitement as I’m seen what’s in store in the future, and of course, they would end the episode in an epic cliffhanger! Episode 5 was a very personal episode for every character, starting with John Walker, with Sam figuring things out, to Bucky starting to make up for recent mistakes. The relationship between Sam and Bucky in this episode shows us how close, as

well how much they need each other, and the things they will accomplish as a team. Karli is getting settled in, she has finally chosen a side, and she is not backing down. Alright, what is up with Sharon, she is giving me a lot of S.H.I.E.L.D Spy “Secrets have Secrets” feelings, she is up to something. How about the Power Broker, is he going to show up on the last episode of the season, will he be the next villain? Someone also was introduced in this episode, someone very interesting, after all this show was never fully on just about super soldiers, Spies too! Just in case you are not aware, they added a mini end-of-credit scene! Yeah, that last few minutes of this episode it’s the type of edge of your couch of cliffhangers!! As usual, I can not wait for next Friday, the final episode of this incredible season of the Falcon and The Winter Soldier!

One World, One People.

The episode started as if you were reading a comic book, obviously way better, and Sam came flying straight out of the page with a badass new suit. Sam has officially become Captain America, and I’m amazed at the accuracy of the outfit! Anthony Mackie wears it perfectly, as always Marvel casting has always been on point, and boy they are always twenty steps ahead. Sam finally had a plan and it kicked ass, the action was amazing, how the story progressed through the episode was simple and yet just right. John Walker is finally in

the role he was meant to be in and officially become U.S Agent, and boy I can not wait to see what Marvel has in store for him in the future. Winter soldier is no more, Bucky has finally ended that long chapter of his life, and now he is on a path of being the hero he was meant to be a long time ago. Unlike the comics, Bucky may not ever carry the shield, and that is where the Marvel Cinematic Universe diverges from the comics. As both of our heroes are perfectly placed where they need to be because something tells me we will need their witty team up! once again! I predicted something fishy from episode three, and not only did episode six and the end of credit showed us what Sharon has been up to! Which also leads me to believe that the Power Broker will be the next villain that our heroes will face, maybe? The future is still uncertain and unpredictable! Steve made the right choice, “not a perfect soldier, but a good man!”