Marvel’s Hawkeye: Season One

Αchilleus ⚡️
8 min readJan 5, 2022

Hawkeye finally gets to shine in his own solo show, well somewhat solo. Marvel Studio’s new show is about our hero trying to spend some quality time with his family during the holidays until a young girl ruined his plans, as she unleashes the sins of his past in New York!

Never Meet Your Heroes

The first episode begins in the year 2012 in New York, introducing us to a young Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, who gets to witness the Battle of New York. Kate Bishop’s penthouse gets destroyed while the city is under attack, and Chitauri are about to attack her personally when our beloved hero stops them with a single arrow. I was overwhelmed with emotions like I was back in 2012 watching the Avengers for the first time, even though it was just a glimpse of something we have already seen. Truly a throwback to that opening night of one of the greatest films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Present-day, Clint Barton is out and about with his family celebrating Christmas in New York. Seems like Clint has been dealing with a lot of physical pain from all his years of shield agent and being an avenger, as well as the emotional scar left by the loss of Nat. Kate is back home with her family when trouble comes looking for our heroes. Kate gets her hands on the Ronin suit, which will awake a lot of bad people. Clint finds out and takes on the path of a hero, to redeem himself of the sins of the past so they don’t come back to haunt him or Kate! An amazing first episode, it had me hooked with a rollercoaster of emotions and action!

Hide and Seek

The second episode rolls in and we get introduced to someone special in Hawkeye’s history, Jacques Duquesne, also known as the Swordsman. Jacques is Hawkeye’s first enemy in Marvel Comics, who may be our villain in this story, maybe because at the end of the episode we are also introduced to Echo. Marvel has a lot of villains turned heroes, these two happened to be it. Clint is on the move to keep the Ronin suit from ever getting on the wrong hands, and keep all the sins that come with it away from hurting anyone. After accomplishing that in a very funny way, he needs to clear Kate Bishop’s name as the street gang believes she is Ronin. Episode two was entertaining, giving us more details on surrounding characters in Hawkeyes world, as well as more details from Kate. I’m truly enjoying the chemistry between Hailee and Jeremy, somewhat like Nat and Clint had, very sarcastic comic relationship. I can not wait for more, as well as we get to know more about these two new villains in Hawkeye’s life!


The third episode kicks in with a glimpse of Echos past, as we get to see some of her origins, including the fact on how accurate to the comics is. We get a glimpse of her uncle, or as you know him as Fisk. Now we didn’t get to see his face, but we did get to see his arm, and we heard his voice, the same voice from the Netflix show Marvel’s Daredevil. That's right the very same actor seems to have returned but unfortunately, all we got was his recognizable laughter. Moving forward with time, we get to see how Echo and Ronin relate and how much trouble our heroes are in. Moving to the present, our heroes are trapped by the Tracksuit Gang and as heroes do, they escape and make a run for it. A chase that is by far unique and one that you will never forget! The action was astounding, how they film the whole chase scene was just vivid. I’m starting to get the feeling that because we have these two separate yet related heroes, Marvel will make it fair by giving us two villains, as the episode ends with the Swordsman. Talk about a cliffhanger ending! I can not express enough how much I can not wait for the next episode of Hawkeye!

Partners, Am I Right?

The fourth episode kicks in and Clint gets introduced to Kate’s mom and the Swordsman. Like all parents, Kate’s mom asked Clint to keep her daughter out of any type of danger like any typical protective mother. For a brief moment, Elenor makes a call and leaves not so much of a secret message. During this episode, Clint and Kate, start to build up somewhat of a relationship, but Clint keeps his distance after all the last time he got close to someone she end up sacrificing herself. Kate goes on a mission to retrieve the arrows used in the last episode when she gets to meet a bunch of really cool first responders, who may help her more than one way. Clint still focuses on clearing Kate’s name so he can finally go home to his family, but unfortunately, he figures out that Jacques may be the villain of this story. Our Hawkeyes go into their first mission, to retrieve an important watch that was stolen from the Black Market that was originally stolen from the Avengers compound. That's when our heroes run into serious trouble, the location of the watch just happened to be at Maya’s apartment, but she was not the only one coming after them. Remember when I said Elenor made a call, well seems like Elenor may have a connection to someone we already meet a few times. An order has been placed, and a Black Widow assassin was sent to kill, that particular Black Widow was seen in the film Marvel’s Black Widow in the extra ending. The action was good, we get to see our heroes not only fighting Maya but also one of the deadliest Black widow assassins. In the end, Clint realizes that shit got deadly serious! I truly enjoyed the fourth episode, loving the chemistry between the actors and I can not get enough of the action.


The fifth episode revealed a lot of secrets hiding around our heroes, but also about some of our villains. But before we get started, I just want to point out how much I enjoyed Florence Pugh as Yelena, she just brings a completely different tone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kate gets to meet Yelena, and her charming sarcastic personality, and her relation to Clint. Clint, on the other hand, puts on the suit one more time, to deal with Maya. Clint reveals a lot of secrets to Maya including one that is very close to the Comics on why her father died. Let me tell you, watching Clint become Ronin one more time, was spectacular, and let just say almost no blood was spilled. Maya is not the only one that finds a dark secret about their parents, Kate is about to find out if her mothers, all thanks to Yelena. I have been trying to figure out as the show progressed who is the true villain of the story, or if we had more than one, knowing Maya history, but also the Swordsman, and what has Elenor been hiding from Kate. The episode ends with an unexpected turn of events, as we are shown a ruthless villain, shared by many in Marvel Comics. Ladies and gentlemen, the Kingpin has arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I would love to say that episode five is my favorite, yet every episode has been unique and preeminent, with one episode left in the season we will just have to wait and see as our heroes are about to face a merciless villain!

So This Is Christmas?

The final episode of the wonderful Christmas marvel show has come to an end with a bang. We finally found our true villain of this story, well actually multiple villains for our beloved heroes. Kate finds out that her mother is not who she thought she was, and in fact that she has been under the control of the Kingpin. While Maya goes on her journey of villain to hero, as she embarks into her own journey of figuring out who send Ronin to kill her father. As for our Hawkeye, Clint Barton pulls one last mission as he helps Kate deal with her family drama, as well as dealing with the one and only, Yelena. The episode is filled with drama, action, and whole a lot of emotions. Yelena and Clint seem to make peace with Natashas sacrifice. Kate finally finds out who she is meant to be, giving Clint a reason for the good things he has done in the past. I’m loving phase four, the accuracies of all the character’s outfits and looks, are getting better and better with each film and television series. Kate’s future is going to be bright as a future Avenger, the fact that she single handly took on the Kingpin, is just remarkable. The future is uncertain for Cint, maybe he finally retires, but at least he kept his promise to his kids and made it for Christmas. The final episode also gave us an important piece of not just clint’s life, but also of Shield, as a retired agent’s secret was revealed. Agent 19, or well known in the comics as Monkinbird, or you may know her as Laura Barton.

I loved the whole idea of a Christmas theme Marvel television series. I have enjoyed every single episode, showing us the journey that each of our heroes and villains throughout each episode. Unfortunately, it is a limited series, which means we will not get a second season, which kinda sucks because I would have loved to see Clint training Kate to become the next Hawkeye. The Series was filled with all types of emotions, mixed with drama and action, sprinkled with that Marvel magical humor on top. This show is so far almost on the top of my list of Marvel Studios television series, which delivered unique entertaining episodes but also gave us a whole new list of Marvel characters, that have finally joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The future is uncertain for our heroes, as the Multiverse is about to take over our Universe.