Marvel’s Black Widow!

Αchilleus ⚡️
4 min readAug 3, 2021

The famous Black Widow has finally arrived, after a long year of delays but also a decade in the making. In 2010 with the release of Iron Man 2, we were introduced to a fraction of the Marvel Universe. In that Universe, we were introduced to Natasha Romanoff, as we know her as the Black Widow. Ever since, Nat has shown us what she is capable of, from fighting robots to aliens. Like all stories, there is always an end, Nat, meet hers as she sacrificed herself in Avengers’ End Game. Black Widow gave us the closure we, the fans, needed. One last time with our original Avenger, on an action-packed ride that we will never forget.

Scarlett Johansson as the renowned Black Widow. Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova. Rachel Weisz and David Harbour as the Red Guardian. Finally our main villain, Ray Winsonte as Dreykov. Also, who can forget General Ross played by William Hurt. Of course without any spoilers the Taskmaster!

My review on Marvel’s Black Widow on Youtube!

The story continues around the end of Captain America Civil War, where Natasha had betrayed the accords and is on the run. With glibs of the past, with Natasha soviet undercover spy family in America in the ’90s, showing us some of her origins from the famous Red Room. Speaking of origins, someone

from Natasha’s past had returned, and I’m not just speaking of her family but someone that gave Nat a new start, her way into Shield. Nat had to kill someone for her to gain her trust with Shield, with the help of another

Avenger, Hawkeye. Unfortunately, she didn’t accomplish her first mission as she thought, and as always things from the past have a way of coming back. This time it comes back with her 90’s family. As the story continues with action and humor just like any other Marvel film, our hero with the help of her family takes down the man behind it all, the villain that created our hero. In the end, Nat gets on the stolen Avenger Jet on her way to free her fellow Avengers from the Raft. Scarlett, Nat, gives us one last smile as she is getting on the jet for one last time.

Black Widow is unique in the perspective of being a solo origin. It’s not a beginning, nor an end, a middle with the back story of what made her who she is. With a story showing us that she can be more than part of a Team, that is she is more than just an Avenger. Natasha Romanoff has been and always will be the greatest Black Widow. Marvel hasn’t lost their touch! Marvel

knows how to create a solo story with a great story mixed with action, drama, and of course humor. Florence who plays Yelena Belova stole the show with sarcasm and humor, which elevated the story and our hero. The film not once felt like it was dragging, nor that it was rushed, just simple perfectly entertaining like all films should be. But there is one problem, the Taskmaster, without hinting any spoilers for the film, last just say a bit disappointing, but I’m sure Marvel has plans for the future for the Taskmaster that won’t be as disappointed as in this film.

Overall, like all Marvel films, it’s a must-see in theaters on the big screen. A true farewell to our beloved Avenger. A decade of following, watching every film that Marvel has produced, and Black Widdow was incredible from beginning to the goodbye of Nat. Let’s not forget to stick around to the end of the credits, I have a feel like Marvel Universe is about to head into a dark road!