Marvels’ Avengers: Infinity War

Αchilleus ⚡️
3 min readOct 17, 2018

Infinity War is the best film of 2018! The best Marvel film of all time, we are talking about 10 years in the making, 18 films, and they have all lead to this one film. Let us start with the story, they did not waste any time, trying to introduce anyone, hell we already know everyone so let the War begin. Picks right after “Thor: Ragnarok”, with a big impact, separating our beloved “Revengers”, sending Hulk to earth and Thor landing literally on “The Guardians of the Galaxy”.

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The Russo Brothers have brought Marvel’s heroes together in such a way, that makes it too perfect. Thor brings GOTG, Tony gets introduce to Dr. Strange, and Cap brings the War to Wakanda.

The way they interact with each other in such a realistic funny way, putting each other differences apart especially after “The Civil War”, because it is no longer about them, it is about the fate of the Universe!
What really stood out for me about this film, is the way on how close it relates to the Marvel Comic’s Infinity Gauntlet. Russo Brothers did not just compose this film out of thin air, they literally grabbed the comic book and got it done! The story is a masterpiece of pop culture, it is so beautifully written, it has everything that makes film great, its fill with drama, action, humor, perfectly mixed with our beloved heroes.

In case you do not know the story, it is very simple, one of Marvel’s greatest Villain is plotting to wipe half of the population of the universe, in his defense is to save life as we know it. For the Villain to achieve this desire, he is in his own “Hero’s Journey” or in this case “Villain’s Journey” to gather all 6 infinity stones, that each possess unlimited power and unique to one another. Once he has gathered all 6, he can easily erase half of the universe with a snap of his fingers. Our heroes obviously are going to do their absolute best to stop him.

‘Oh the villain, who goes by the name of Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, who by the way does such wonderful job, he is one hell of an actor that he is also playing another Villain in a different Marvel film that you probably already heard and its called Deadpool 2.

The Cast as always is literally Marvelous, every single cast member, heroes, and villains. Seen my two favorite heroes in action, in such a badass way, it tops its previews solo and Avengers film. Infinity War, in my personal opinion, is one of the greatest films ever, it becomes my favorite film which I cannot wait to see again, and even if you do not like superhero films, trust me, you will be blown away!

I rate this movie: Fucking Epic!