Marvel’s Avengers: End Game!

Year ago, when I reviewed Avengers: Infinity War, I said that it was “Marvel’s best film of all time”. I’m here to correct myself. End Game has taken that title; it’s a modern pop-cultural masterpiece. Not only has this film broken records, and counting! It’s every fan dream come true. Straight from the literal pages of Marvel comics. It’s a ride that you do not want to get off, a ride of joy, excitement, tears that will leave you speechless. I’ll never forget walking out of that theater, talking to a friend, trying to get the words out, but I could not because I had been “epicstruck!”

End Game brings in what is left of our Avengers on a long journey of redemption and sacrifice. What I truly loved about this film, it’s like re-watching The Avengers back in 2012, when everything was simply epic, just the original six Avengers! Starting with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man. As well as War Machine,

My Review of Avengers: End Game on Youtube!

Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, and some other guys. The reason I preferred it to the first Avengers film, because this film truly focuses on our main 6 heroes, with the help of the new guys. The cast truly has blown it out of this world, literally, with their humor, and the moments in between that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Marvel Studios has truly cast the right actors for the right characters as if they were born to be them. The chemistry they have between each other is truly magnificent.

Now, I’m not going into too many details when it comes to the plot, because this is a review and I’m not going to spoil the film. So to make simple and short. Remember, in “Infinity War” our heroes lost, so think of the film as Thor would say “The Revengers”. Our heroes will try to redo the wrongs.

They will go into a journey that will push the limits of our heroes, that will show us who they truly are, and what kind of heroes each is capable of! You will get to see Thanos in some serious action that will blow you away! The action is off the chains, the Russo Brother and Marvel Studios have truly overdone themselves! End Game still has that Marvel style of humor mix with action, but they add something that I was not expecting, it was exhilarated that it left me speechless!

End Game it’s a masterpiece. I have cried in movies before usually about something sad, but this film made me cry in a way that I have never cried before. I think I had reached my limit of ecstatic that I cried. There is this scene that I’m sure I share this idea, this dream, with thousands of fans, which I have had for years as I watched every single Marvel film. That’s when I completely lost it. I laughed, I was electrified, and this film reminded me why

I become a Marvel fan, why I fell in love with these characters 11 years ago. Now, I can think of one wrong thing about this film, that is bothersome, which I’m not going to go into details, again, No Spoilers! I found it a little irritating, but it does not affect the way I feel otherwise about the film. Then again is Marvel, so you never truly know what is set in stone! The cast was brilliant, the writers were excellent, Russo Brothers are ingenious, and it’s a truly breathtaking film of the century!

Overall, this film it’s a film you do not want to miss, once a lifetime where you have to see it on the biggest screen. You don’t have to be a Marvel fan or a superhero fan, if you truly enjoy movies as I do, you will love End Game. Whenever I think of the greatest movies of the ’80s, Back to the Future comes in mind, so in years to come, when you think of movies of the 2010s, this film will be on top of the list.



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