Fox’s Deadpool 2

Αchilleus ⚡️
3 min readMay 9, 2019

Deadpool two! The perfect sequel to one of the best Marvel Mutants films! It breaks all sixteen walls with its cheese jokes, tragic drama, and out of this world action, with a beautifully written story and a lot of CGI!

My Deadpool 2 Review by yours truly!

Starting with Ryan Reynolds who we all know he was born to play Deadpool. Josh Brolin, who without question is known for multiple movies, and most recently as he played the mad titan, one of the greatest Marvel villains and who also happens to hates Deadpool known as Thanos in Avengers — Infinity War but in this universe, he plays Cable who also can not stand Deadpool. Wonderful cast all around with T.J Miller, Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz, and Terry Crews and a lot of surprising cameos throughout the film!

The story continues with our anti-hero trying to be a hero but not really! All heroes must be pushed out of their confront zone to be what they were born to be, or in the case of Deadpool, experimented on to be! Wade Wilson will be shoved into his “Hero’s journey” where he will do what is unusual to him or even put him out of character to do the right thing.

The story circles around the fact that his actions of a hero or in his case the anti-hero comes with consequences, heroes do not always get the girl or in his case keep the girl, and that sets him off into the unknown to learn to become a hero, which did not last long after all is Deadpool we are talking about here, and he knows deep down he must do the right thing by saving the young boy who also could later on possibly become evil according to Cable. Cable time travels back in time to kill the same kid who later will grow up and become a serial killer. Like all heroes, Deadpool will do his best to stop Cable but he will also have to save the young man from becoming this evil mutant in the future, by avoiding a moment that turns the boy into a killer, or to prevent “Skynet” or something like that. This film showed us that Deadpool is truly the hero we deserve and we need!

Honest opinion, there was absolutely nothing wrong with this film far from it, more borderline perfect. One of the best films of 2018, and one of the best Marvel Mutants film. Ryan Reynolds was truly born to play the character with the help of CGI. Overall, it is a must-see film of the year you will be blown away by the action and the humor and as all Marvel films, you need to stick around for the extra credit!

I rate this film: Fucking Epic!