World War II films of this century are very violent like Saving Private Ryan or as bloody like Fury but not Dunkirk. Dunkirk takes on the British side of many stories of World War II, it had some action, but it was somewhat the quietest of all World War films. The way that Christian Nolan told the story, in a way it was very particular which could have had more titles as time and dates, because the film started in the afternoon and went into the morning then straight to evening without any hint and that’s because we were seen it from the perspective of different characters as their day went by, through fighting and surviving and their goal to get home. Christian Nolan is such great story teller, he really makes you feel what’s going and how the characters feel as the film progresses. Dunkirk overall was a great film and defiantly worth watching, great cast and of course and excellent director, excellent story, truly one excellent film!

I rate this movie: Fucking Amazing!



You've been Thunderstruck ⚡️- Achilleus

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