Dune: Part One

Αchilleus ⚡️
3 min readNov 28, 2021


Dune Part one, the remake of the film date back to 1984 from the novel written in 1965. Dune is a Sci-Fi world created by Frank Herbert, a futuristic world of different types of humans living in different types of worlds controlled by one man. The story focuses on one nation, which is summoned to control another world, a dangerous world with very dangerous people, but this world has a material that is very rich in wealth. The planet is called Dune,

and this planet will have loyalty, treason, war, and betrayal between these nations within the empire. Religion plays part in this new futuristic world, a lot like Star Wars. They are different types of humans living in this galaxy, some that had to evolve because of the nature of their planets, and some are born with abilities. Like all religions, there is a prophecy about a boy with such abilities that will come forward and save the world. Part one is an introduction to this new world, filled with amazing characters and backstories, showing us the conflict and interaction between not only these characters but nations and worlds.

Starting with Timothee Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista, Javier Barden, and Zendaya.

Part One focuses on Paul Atredies, the son of Leto Atreides Duke of house Atredies, and Lady Jessica whos a member of the mysterious Sisterhood.
Paul not only will inherit his father’s title but he has also inherited his mother’s powers. Lady Jessica has the power to physically control the will of another person by speaking in a particular tone. Duke Leto has been ordered by the Emperor to take control of the planet Dune, which has been under

control by the House Harkonnen for decades. What makes Dune special it has a very high-value material that is worth a lot. Dune also happens to have its own people, who in ages lost any kind of power, and control over the planet but have been rebelling against the Empire. As for the plot of the story beginnings, House Harkonnen will start a plot against House Atradies for Dune, starting a civil war between houses. Paul will not only have to defend his house but will also get tangled up with the people of Dune, who are planning a counter-attack to take back their planet, which is where the film ends.

Truly one magnificent film! Director Denis Villeneuve is a genius, the entire design of this film is a beauty, each scene, every plot, every little detail just perfect. The cast is brilliant, feels like everyone that you can think of is in this film. I love the chemistry of each actor with each other, bringing these heroes and villains to life in such a splendid way. Part one is perfect in introducing this new fantasy world of Dune, not leaving too much action out of it but with plenty of drama that will keep you hooked with your undivided attention.

Overall, Part One is a very long film, yet the story is vivid. I enjoyed every second, honestly, I could not get enough of it, between how rich the film is and how the actor brought it to life. Part Two was announced hours, maybe days after the release of Part One, and I can not wait to see it, the war for Dune is going to be epic! I highly recommend you watch this film, either on the big screen or on HBO MAX!