DC’s The Suicide Squad!

Αchilleus ⚡️
4 min readSep 23, 2021


The Suicide Squad, yes I know what you are thinking, and no is not a remake is more like a borderline sequel. You have a few characters from the previous film, like Harley Quinn and Rick Flag, and of course still in charge, Amanda Waller. In this film we get introduced to a whole list of new villains, with a list so long you might want to just look it up! James Gunn is a fantastic storyteller, with Guardians of the Galaxy under his belt, the man knows truly how to create a story out of thin air. As the previews Suicide Squad, this film focuses on our villains doing superhero things or they will get their heads blown off!

As I had recently said, the list is extremely long, James Gunn went all out on this film when it comes down to villains, some made a few appearances and some had a couple of scenes. So, it will be best to keep it short starting with Idris Elba as Bloodsport, John Cena as the Peacemaker, Margot Robbie as the famous Harley Quinn, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, and my favorite King Shark voiced by Sylvester Stallone.

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The story begins with a short and quick introduction of each villain, now not all villains get an introduction some are just passing by, and most people can easily identify them. This is why I love directors, like James Gunn, who not only understand their assignment but they become the assignment. At the core so far by both Suicide Squad films, are always dragging their villains into

saving the world, in a situation that somehow was created by the people who want it to be cleaned up, and Amanda Waller is always in charge of the cleanup. There is a correlation with the fact that if all fails, you can always blame an easy target, someone who is identified as a criminal, because let’s face it Heroes don’t fail. In this new story, some old and new villains, are sent to a small country run by a dictator. They are sent there to stop him from unleashing a creature with the power to destroy worlds. Remember they’re a lot of characters introduced in this film, and a lot of them don’t make it, either they die in some glories ways or hilarious scenes. James Gunn did truly an amazing job putting this film together, the story, every scene, every sequence beautifully perfectly together. James is truly a genius storyteller!

DC’s have had some good films lately, and The Suicide Squad is on top of most of them. When a production company puts a director like James Gunn in charge, you know you will have a fantastic film been created for the fans. James has the power to make unpopular comic book characters phenomenal,

with a brilliant story that pushes each character, builds them up, shows us their true colors and they know how to blow shit up! The story was unique and amazing, James pulled every string out of DC’s comics on this one, things you would have never thought of, or even known of. The action scenes were spectacular!

All the actors did an incredible job, and honestly, my favorite will always be King Shark voiced by Sylvester Stallone. The characters were all cast excellent, Margot Robbie will always be the perfect Harley Quinn without a doubt.

Overall is a must-see film, I would recommend seeing it on the big screen or stay at home and watch it on HBO MAX. It’s a nonstop ride that will keep you not only entertained but at the edge of your sit. I can not express enough how great James Gunn is, and will always be one of the greatest storytellers of our time!