Apple’s Finch

Αchilleus ⚡️
3 min readJan 5, 2022

Finch is a story of a man living in an apocalypse time, where the sun had torched the ozone, destroying any protection from radiation coming down from sunlight. Tom Hanks plays Finch, a mechanic living with a dog who manages to survive and builds a robot named Jeff voiced by Caleb Landry Jones. Produced by Apple about a man trying to keep his promise while trying to survive with the help of a friendly robot, very touching filled with drama that may break your heart.

Finch shows us how life would be if our ozone one day disappear, creating all types of chaos and anarchy, as well as the effect of the radiation coming down on earth by sunlight. Finch is an engineer, who lives in this powered home, with a dog. As Finch hunts for food for himself and the dog, he also collects

parts as he is building a robot. The destruction of the ozone created all types of massive sand hurricanes or sand tornados. A big storm is coming down on Finch, rushing him to finish the robot, named Jeff, he must get out and take off into a dangerous unknown world. Finch made a promise to protect the dog at all cost, and with the help of Jeff they will take on a journey west to San Fransico. Finch is also battling inner demons, that will crush your heart, it sure broke mine as the film continue and we got to learn more about Finch and the dog.

It’s a fantastic film, I loved the story of Finch and the things he had to go through to survive these new apocalypse times. The relationship between Finch, the robot, and the dog is truly unique and heartbreaking. Tom Hanks is one of the best actors of his generation, he has not only put physically himself to the task but emotionally connects you to the story as you were part of it. I loved how unique of a story, not just about Finch but a different outlook into the world if a different type of catastrophe would come down on our lives. I loved the bond that was built between Finch and Jeff, but also how Jeff had to gain the trust of a dog as he was created to protect him.

Overall, a remarkable story backed up by a sensational actor. It left me with all types of emotions which made me love the film even more. With Apply Tv+ coming out with a great series and film, I can not wait to see what else they got in store for us in the future. If you have Apply Tv+ I highly recommend you to watch it!